Opening an odt file

How to open an ODT file

ODT files are Open Office text files. These files are not directly compatible wil earlier versions of MS Office (anything older than Office 2007 SP2), so some users have difficulty opening them. This post describes three different methods to open an ODT file.

How to open an ODT file with Open Office

The easiest way to open an ODT file is to install the free Open Office suite, which will allow you to open ODT files effortlessly!

You can download Open Office for free here.

How to open an ODT file with MS Office 2007

MS office 2007 can open ODT files directly, on condition that you have the Service Pack 2 installed.

You can download Service Pack 2 here.

Older versions of MS Office cannot be used to open ODT files.

Opening an ODT file with Google Docs

Your version of Office is too old and you don’t feel like installing Open Office? Don’t panic, the following workaround will also allow you to open an ODT file.odt file

  • Go to Google Docs.
  • Once you are logged in and have entered Google Docs, click “Upload…”.
  • Click “Select files to upload”.
  • Select & upload the ODT file to be opened.
  • Click “Start Upload”.
  • Click “Back to Google Docs”.
  • The ODT file is now in the list of documents.
  • Right click the file and select “Make a copy for Google Docs”.
  • You can now visualize the contents of the file.
  • To save the file in another text format, go to File > Download as > Word
  • Save the file in your chosen location.

The file is now in DOCX format, which can be opened with MS Office, Wordpad or most word processors.

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