Qwerty to azerty

How to switch from Qwerty to Azerty

If you’re from a French-speaking country, chances are you’re used to the Azerty keyboard setting as opposed to the rest of the world, where Qwerty is the standard.

If your keyboard just decided to switch from Azerty to Qwerty on its own, please read on to find out how to switch your system from Qwerty to Azerty again.

Switching from Qwerty to Azerty

There is a very easy solution to this problem. Try pressing SHIFT and ALT at the same time: this usually switches between all available input methods. If both Qwerty and Azerty settings are available and installed, this will be enough to switch between them.

Note: this solution isn’t working for your version of Windows? Go to the relevant Microsoft support page.

Qwerty to Azerty

If you’re looking for a more permanent solution, you can always eliminate the Qwerty option altogether on your computer, so it can’t switch on its own anymore.

  • Access your Control Panel
  • Access ‘Regional and Language settings’
  • Click on ‘keyboards’

This is the place to select all the options that have an impact on your keyboard. If multiple keyboard settings are installed, it’s best to delete all the options but the one you need, so there is no danger of accidentally switching between different options anymore.

Don’t stress out if you make a mistake with these settings, it’s just as easy to add keyboard and country settings back, if needed.

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